Services Provided and Statement of Fees

The following is a statement of rates charged for the diverse services performed. Conservators’ time is charged out at a $175.00 hourly rate and it is constant regardless of the tasks performed. Fees are based on time spent and expenses incurred. Technician’s shop time and support staff are billed at $72.00 per hour in 1/4 hour increments. We use qualified outside contractors for all transportation and exhibit hanging. We’ll be happy to provide a quote on your needs upon request.

Conservation Treatment

Charges for conservation treatment, whether in studio or in-situ, include the use of all owned, or in-house equipment and all incidental supplies. Equipment which needs to be rented or purchased, and all conservation supplies are charged extra at cost plus a 20% (twenty percent) administration charge.

For example, the use of the heated vacuum table and films, as well as adhesives, consolidants and solvents used in the process of lining a painting, are included in the fees quoted. Compressors, full-spectrum light sources, scaffolding, tools and other equipment used during in-situ treatment that are owned by our studio are also included in our fees. Long ladders, tall scaffolding, cranes, ozone or de-humidification equipment or other equipment specifically rented for projects will be charged extra as outlined above.


Surveys, documentation, examination, assessment, condition reports, consultation, research and report writing are charged on an hourly basis for actual time spent. The use of lab equipment, digital or analog photographic equipment, microscope, UV and IR light sources, computer and sundry supplies are included in the quoted fees.

Outside consulting support services, analysis of particles, fibers, thin sections and thick sections light microscopy, infrared micro spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray elemental analysis, Raman spectroscopy, instrumental chromatography, x-ray diffraction, dating methods and others are charged extra as outlined above.


Per diem lecturing or consulting fee is $1400.00 per work day of eight hours in any 24-hr period away from the studio; all travel and lodging expenses are extra at cost. We are enthusiastic advocates for preservation and are available on an informal basis to answer questions, discuss issues or make referrals. We also perform volunteer community service, which is our way to give back to the Community that supports us.

Please contact us with your comments, or if you need any clarification on our services.