Conservart Musuem Exhibit Framing System - Patent Pending


The Exhibit Framing System is an invention designed for exhibiting, storing, showing and/or displaying all manner and form of artwork, documents, photographs and illustrations, including but not limited to drawings, paintings, water colors, photographs, digital art, blueprints, renderings, prints, etchings, engravings, stock issues, currency, collages, needlework, mixed media and such other various relatively flat objects and artwork or items that can be framed, herein referred to collectively as artifacts. The Exhibit Framing System is specifically designed to be used in situations, where it is desirable, or necessary to change and/or rotate the artifacts on display periodically, or with some frequency; such as in museums, galleries, historical societies, educational institutions, or commercial trade shows and all manner of exhibits and displays and where the artifacts thus displayed from time to time are of varying sizes and dimensions.


The Exhibit Framing System is an original concept, a systemic approach to providing framing for exhibits the object of which is the reuse of existing resources in a planned, purposeful and deliberate manner.

The Exhibit Framing System permits the exhibition and the frequent, temporary or periodic rotation of artifacts of varying sizes at a cost far inferior to custom framing and reduces preparation times.

The use of the invention results in a unified cohesive appearance throughout the exhibit. Aesthetically proportioned presentation is achieved both initially and in subsequent rotations of various artifacts, conforming to specified parameters.

Subsequent showings of previously displayed artifacts are achieved without additional expenditure.

The Exhibit Framing System makes leasing or renting of frames and framing economically feasible, which can benefit both the supplier/fabricator entity and the exhibiting institution entity.
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