Museum Exhibit Framing System

Elegant Framing Solutions that save you money for Permanent Collections and Rotating Shows
In development since 1996, the Patent Pending ConservArt Framing System is a time and cost saving framing alternative for rotating exhibits and loans. Your exhibits will have the professional appearance of custom framing while saving your institution thousands of dollars annually.

The ConservArt Framing System sets a new standard in museum exhibit framing, becoming a benchmark against which all other framing options must be measured. Users are assured of state of the art, museum approved standards in all materials and handling. The system is designed to be flexible, accommodating any specific needs of your institution while saving you thousands of dollars in your annual framing costs.

How it works

  • Data from numerous exhibit rotations has shown that a moderate number of client specific “standard” size frames will accommodate the framing needs of more than 97% of all artwork when coupled with custom mats.
  • The ConservArt Framing System uses an innovative proprietary computer program to determine a “best fit” based on image dimensions, and these “standard” frames can be re-used with custom cut mats, eliminating the need for additional frame purchases as exhibits change.
  • Artwork returning to permanent collections following an exhibition will remain in their custom mats so they will be ready for future exhibits in “standard” size frames and to provide protection during storage.

In this era of budgetary constraints, you owe it to your institution to explore the benefits offered by the ConservArt Framing System. You can actually do more while conserving your resources.


he main benefit of the ConservArt Exhibit System offers is realized in the way it improves the Curator’s ability to initiate exhibit ideas which would be impossible to contemplate using current practices. It is an intelligent, ecologically sound program to preserve and reuse resources and eliminate waste while saving time and money.

Problems addressed and solved:

  • Reduce your framing costs dramatically
  • Reduce preparation times
  • Archival materials and handling
  • Finished-corner gallery frames
  • Cohesive appearance of exhibits
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Lease your frames for occasional needs
  • Purchase frames for maximum savings

Materials and Handling

The ConservArt Framing System uses seamless, finished corner gallery frames with durable, classic finishes in gold and pewter that will maintain their upscale appearance for years. Moldings vary between 1″ and 3″ in width.

Custom “book” mats are cut from 100% cotton rag 4 ply white buffered museum board.
Un buffered, MicroChamberTM technology and a variety of archival mat colors and/or textures are also available. Hinging: All artwork is mounted onto 4 ply rag board using wet- torn Japanese paper hinges applied with wheat starch paste and backed with a sturdy, moisture proof neutral pH inert backing.
A full range of non-invasive hinging techniques are also available for artwork on loan and for three-dimensional objects. Hanging System: We provide a wireless three point hanging system to assure stability and to provide a moderate level of security. Other hanging options are available to suit the individual needs of your institution.

All artwork is handled by trained technicians under the supervision of conservators.

Service Options

A variety of service options are available to accommodate the standards needs and preferences of clients. Custom programs, In-house preparation, Third-party licensing and Leasing of framing are also being offered. Leasing of frames is ideal to accommodate works of unusual shapes and sizes, or composite groupings. It eliminates the need for permanent investment in frames for temporary, occasional, or infrequent needs.

Institutions may integrate the Exhibit Framing System in steps, by introducing it with the next planned exhibit. They will find that fewer and fewer new frames will needed to be purchased after a couple of rotations, and from that point on, the resources spent on framing new exhibits will be a small fraction of conventional framing.

This novel concept is ideally suited for temporary, occasional, or infrequent framing needs. Leasing is ideal to accommodates an overflow and/or any oversized objects.

We mat and frame your artwork using our “best fit” system, providing you with the look of custom framing at a fraction of the price. At the end of the lease term, artwork is removed from the frames and returned to you in the protective mats.

Economies of scale permit us to offer heretofore unheard of savings on exhibit framing costs.
Save in excess of 50% off normal custom framing costs on the initial investment and up to 80% off each time your exhibit rotates. Implementation of the ConservArt Framing System can save your institution literally thousands of dollars annually in exhibit preparation framing costs.