Fine Art Framing

We offer the largest and most diverse selection of frames, both commercial and fine hand crafted designs, to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning collector.

Whatever your budget may be, at ConservArt you will find many creative options and a caring, knowledgeable and professional staff to help you design just the right presentation for your treasures.

Many of our clients today are the children and grand children of old clients, who have grown to know us and rely on us for quality, good taste and exceptional value.

Whether you are framing a valuable original, or just a poster or a photograph, our aim is please you so that you will return time and time again and recommend us to your family and friends.

Our policy is to treat you as we would want to be treated. That is more than just smart business, that is our promise!

Framing for Architects & Interior Designers

Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators can benefit by our specialized expertise in providing the perfect setting for their clients’ artwork and collections. Our virtually unlimited selection and ability to copy and custom fabricate any frame design, color or finish distinguishes us from other firms in the field and is often instrumental in the awarding of large comprehensive contracts. We are aware of the importance of staying on schedule and within budget.

We understand that you only get one chance at creating a first impression and how to create an ambience in a space with artwork, from serenity to high drama. We know that the kind of artwork that would be great in the reception area of firm of attorneys would not be right in the radiation therapy waiting room in the oncology ward of a pediatric hospital.

ConservArt provides conservation and restoration services for fine and decorative art, cleaning, refurbishing and refinishing of existing frames and alterations. Where needed, we can provide curatorial assistance for corporate and private collections, as well as surveys and condition reports and photographic documentation.

We consult with architects in the design of art exhibit and storage facilities, lighting, HVAC systems and other aspects as they pertain to the housing and exhibition of artwork.

Framing for Schools

We provide economical solutions for framing, plaque mounting and laminating certificates, awards, photographs, charts, maps and other materials commonly used in schools. Our Exhibit Framing System is ideal for exhibiting artwork in a serious, pleasing professional manner for both faculty or student art exhibits.

Shadow Boxes and Display Cases

Three dimensional objects can be elegantly displayed in shadow boxes. We make to order a large variety of shadow boxes and display cases of various depths to accommodate a broad selection of objects.

Custom Finishes

We can skillfully decorate with composition ornaments, carve, or texture by combing, sandblasting, wire brushing or stuccoing to impart a unique surface treatment to any molding.

We offer custom finishes, such as traditional water gilding with karat gold, metal leaf, bronze powder and mica finishes, decorative painting, distressing, sponging, dragging, staining, veneering and techniques too numerous to mention.

We also offer upholstering with fabrics, simulated, vegetable based leathers to imitate the hides of a variety of animals, hand paint design elements on the matting or the frame to enhance the subject matter within the frame.

Custom application for moldings as fireplace or door surrounds, chair rails, pedestals, columns, medicine cabinets, doors, shelves or ceiling decorations can also be accomplished to please even the most demanding need.