Art Condition Reports and Consulting

Surveys, documentation, examination, assessment, condition reports, consultation, research and report writing are charged on an hourly basis for actual time spent. The use of lab equipment, digital or analog photographic equipment, microscope, UV and IR light sources, computer and sundry supplies are included in the quoted fees.

Outside consulting support services, analysis of particles, fibers, thin sections and thick sections light microscopy, infrared micro spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray elemental analysis, Raman spectroscopy, instrumental chromatography, x-ray diffraction, dating methods and others are charged extra as outlined above.

  • Condition reports complete with photographic documentation, analysis and treatment recommendations
  • Hidden Damage – Assessing Potential Risk
  • Surveys for individual works or entire collections. Examination, analysis, and documentation of works of art
  • Environmental and surveys, establishment of conservation priorities, disaster planning and recovery
  • Museum exhibit and storage design
  • Art-related insurance claims
  • IR and UV examination and photography, high resolution digital imaging, microscopy and basic chemical & physical testing and analysis
  • Development of private, special interest lectures to increase awareness concerning issues in art conservation to curators and keepers of public, corporate and private collections; groups of individual collectors and to artists, picture framers, and students