Rescuing Collections

Rescuing Collections

Our Cultural Heritage is in peril. According to the Heritage Health Index study excerpted below:

“A Public Trust at Risk: The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America’s Collections, was published in December 2005
and concluded that immediate action is needed to prevent the loss of
190 million artifacts that are in need of conservation treatment. The
report made four recommendations:

  • Institutions must give priority to providing safe conditions for the collections they hold in trust.
  • Every collecting institution must develop an emergency plan to protect its collections and train staff to carry it out.
  • Every institution must assign responsibility for caring for collections to members of its staff.
  • Individuals at all levels
    of government and in the private sector must assume responsibility for
    providing the support that will allow these collections to survive.”
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Traditional funding to ameliorate the health of our Heritage and Cultural Property has not increased since the publication of this study in 2005, it has actually diminished, exacerbating the situation to a point of crisis.

To address this grave problem, Avatar Company and ConservArt have formed a strategic alliance for the purpose of
providing a much needed solution through conservation treatment of collections and various other services, which are fully funded by
grants they help raise.


Bob Kovacevich, the Principal at Avatar is very well known
and respected in the field of non-profit sector, strategic planning and fund
raising. George Schwartz the Principal and Chief Conservator of ConservArt, is a Professional Associate Member of the AIC and has been a professional conservator in a multidisciplinary private practice
setting  since 1963. 

The following page contains an outline of the services provided to Institutions. For more information and to discuss ways to join this Program, contact:

Bob Kovacevich

George Schwartz

Rescuing Collections – Providing Solutions

List of services

  • We work with Institutions to identify collections in need and Collection Care projects, which will attract interested Donors.
  • We help Institutions prioritize and survey the needs of the collection and/or project, establish treatment methodologies and/or approaches and calculate the costs.
  • We work with Institutions to draft a Memorandum of Agreement, outlining the Project, the details of the work we will perform, the cost of the Project and the payment schedule.
  • The terms of the Memorandum of Agreement are contingent upon our ability to secure funding for the Project.
  • We perform extensive proprietary database research to identify Donors most likely to fund the Project.
  • The list of potential Donors will be contacted individually to get feedback on their interest in the particular Project at hand.
  • We cooperate with Institutions to write Grant Applications and submit these Applications to those Foundations, who expressed the greatest degree of enthusiasm in the particular Project.
  • Historically a thorough approach such as the one described above, has a better than 70% rate of approval.
  • Once the Grant is approved, the funds will flow into the coffers of the Institution and are partially disbursed to us as we begin the work. Progress payments are made by the institution on the previously agreed upon schedule as outlined in the above mentioned Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Upon the completion of the Project, attaining the goals of the Project as outlined in the Grant Application, the final balance of the Grant is paid.
  • We will write a Report of Fulfillment and forward it to the Donor, to document the Project and demonstrate how their Grant made a difference to the Institution’s Mission and furthered the Cause they supported.
  • Our services are available to all 501(c)(3) Institutions, Friends of Institutions and other entities designated as not for profit by the IRS.
  • The Institution incurs no monetary cost whatsoever for these services.
  • We work in close cooperation with the Institution’s designated personnel to identify Collections and Projects and profile their particular significance for potential Donors.
  • Our services will free up budgets currently allocated for special Projects and Collection Care, which can be used for other purposes.
  • We design all aspects of our work to conform with the Best Practices in the field and the Code of Ethics of the AIC.
  • Our services may include consulting and staff training as well as most aspects of the daily activities of a collecting Institution.
  • We are available to meet with you to discuss your Institutions needs. Your comments and inquiries are welcome.

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