Emergency Restoration of Fine Art, Cultural Property and Collectibles – a Specialist’s Point of View

My name is George Schwartz. I’m a professional conservator – art restorer, in private practice since 1963. Emergency and Insurance Claim related work has become an important part of my business over the years and I have become very familiar with balancing the Ethical, Legal and Technical issues that so often become a mine-field and delay or prevent the amicable resolution of claims.

I’m licensed by the state of Florida as a continuing education instructor for CE 3-24C – Adjuster Optional Courses and you can find out more about me and the services I provide by visiting my website

A search on any search-engine will result in many companies, that claim expertise in this field. The purpose of initiating this discussion is to inform fellow members of this Group, of the differences between “restoration” firms and Professional Conservators.

This is not meant to be a promotion for one Group or another. Both of these types of service providers fulfill needed roles, but if you need one kind and hire another, you will likely encounter problems.

In future posts, I will explore the differences, the advantages and drawbacks of one Group over another, the pitfalls to watch out for and how to identify the right service provider for the particular project for Claim you are handling and what you can expect when hiring each.

I hope you will join in with your comments.

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August 18th, 2009

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